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Produce Analysis

food safety

BioGX offers Produce Analysis assays that may be adapted to virtually any real-time PCR instrument platform. Most reagents are available Sample-Ready™ lyophilized. Just add water, sample and start run.

To address customer needs, BioGX offers customization of formulations that include:

  • Number of reactions per tube range from 1-60.
  • Packaging formats can designed to fit customer needs.
  • Instrument designations customized to meet the analysis needs of our customers.
BioGX Multiplex Panels Description
Norovirus GI, GII, IAC.
  • Product #202-0011
  • Triplex panel
  • Packaging: 48 Sample-Ready™ reagents [16 reactions/tube, 3 tubes/pouch]
Campylobacter, Shigella, Salmonella, IAC.
  • Product #202-0032
  • 4-plex panel
  • Packaging: 48 Sample-Ready™ reagents [4 reactions/tube, 12 tubes/pouch]

Please Note: Due to the innovative nature of our products, new reagents are frequently being brought online. Please check our site regularly for the latest updates.