5201 BioGX | Semi-Automated


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Pair the BioGX Precipitor™ Extractor with the Cepheid SmartCycler II for cost-effective, easy and rapid semi-automated sampling. One Extractor can process 32 samples simultaneously (16-site version also available). The instrument is very affordable, so multiple Extractors may be purchased for higher throughput. Each SmartCycler II block can process 16 samples. The system expansion of up to 6 SmartCycler II blocks linked together allows for up to 96 samples to be analyzed at once with random access to each sample.

Workflow with BioGX Sample-Ready™ reagents:

  1. Peel cover off of Extractor plate, place disposable magnet cover on Extractor
  2. Add samples to extraction plate, place in Extractor, start Extractor
  3. Add water to rehydrate BioGX Sample-Ready™ reagents
  4. Distribute mastermix to SmartCycler tubes.
  5. When Extractor finishes transfer extrcated sample to each SmartCycler tube
  6. Start SmartCycler II
  7. Analyze results (Total analysis time typically less than 2 hours)


  • Low cost for basic instrumentation, minimum amount of ancillary equipment required
  • Rapid processing
  • High reliability for SmartCycler and Extractor
  • Both platforms are very easy to use
  • Extractor does not requre external computer but may be used if interface desired
  • Variety of DNA and RNA extraction kits available for numerous sample types.
  • Extractor may also be used for immunomagnetic separation methods.
  • Instruments are not coupled, so each can be run independently as needed.

Cepheid SmartCycler II Brochure - CLICK HERE

BioGX Precipitor DNA-RNA Extraction System Brochure - CLICK HERE