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Custom Sample-Ready Reagents

custom sample ready

Your Custom PCR Assay in a Convenient Lyophilized Format. BioGX can convert your wet mix molecular reagents into an easy to use, ready to run lyophilized format in your desired tubes or plates for on demand qPCR use. All of the required assay components are premixed and ready to use – just add water. Conversion of assays to a BioGX’s Sample Ready™ format reduces contamination risk, user errors, handling time, and pipetting errors, allowing all users of an assay to work from essentially the same reagent mix. This provides unparalleled reproducibility of results across various sites, users, and instrument platforms.

Your Reagents Custom Manufactured and Packaged. After converting your assay to our BioGX lyophilized Sample Ready™ format we can custom package your reagent in your desired tubes, plates, or custom cartridges. If you are already committed to a particular mastermix we can manufacture to your specifications using our lyophilization buffers.


  • Multi-step mastermix protocols are complex and error prone.
  • Multi-step setup increases variability in assay performance.
  • Additional handling increases potential error and reagent losses.
  • Complex protocols require significant set up time.
  • Mix-to-mix variation limits productivity


  • You need only add molecular grade water and template.
  • Increase efficiency and reduce variability by minimizing steps.
  • Reduce contamination risk and user errors with minimal handling.
  • Simplify multiplexing with many assays optimized for use in one tube.
  • Mix-to-mix variation limits productivity.
  • Manufacturing available for virtually any instrument platform:

BioGX provides comprehensive custom assay design and development services. We have vast experience in designing and validating both quantitative and qualitative real-time PCR reagents, and in developing sample preparation and extraction methods for complex samples.

Services Offered

  • Reagent design using Scorpions™, 5’-nuclease (Taqman ®), Intercalating Dyes, Novel Chemistries
  • Conversion of conventional PCR assays to Real-Time PCR assay
  • Conversion of Real-Time PCR assays from one chemistry or technology to another chemistry or technology
  • Adaptation of assays to alternative instrument platforms
  • Incorporation of internal amplification control (IAC) and sample preparation control (SPC) products into customer assays
  • Custom development of IAC and SPC products
  • Development of sample preparation methods for extraction of nucleic acids, proteins, and other biomolecules
  • Custom development of customer-specific Real-Time PCR applications for instrument platforms such as the Cepheid SmartCycler® and various instruments from Applied Biosystems, Roche, Bio-Rad, and others…
  • Process integration using Sample-2-Result automated extraction, reaction setup, and PCR analysis on platforms from PerkinElmer, Qiagen, Roche, others
  • Contracted development of assays using customer-owned or developed IP such as novel detection chemistries, new technologies, new instrument platforms


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