Cepheid SmartCycler II


BioGX offers an expanding menu of reagents that support use with the Cepheid SmartCycler II platform. All reagents are available Sample-Ready™ lyophilized. Just add water, sample and start run.

Sample-Ready™ Lyophilized Reagents (composed of 2 separate tubes)

  • Tube 1

    • PCR master mix containing buffers, target specific primers & probes, Sample Processing Control (SPC*) specific primers & probe.
  • Tube 2

    • Rehydration water/buffer adequate to hydrate the contents of one lyophilized Sample-Ready™ reagent tube.

BioGX Reagent Packaging Format

  • Each box contains 2 pouches sufficient for 48 or 96 reactions. Available formats include:
    • 48 reactions (3 tubes sufficient for 16 reactions each)
    • 96 reactions (6 tubes sufficient for 16 reactions each)
  • First Pouch contains Lyophilized Sample-Ready™ reagents.
  • Second Pouch contains equal quanitity of rehydration water/buffer.

Additional Products Available to Purchase Separately

  • Sample Processing Control (SPC) template that can be added to sample prior to processing.
    • BioGX Sample-Ready™ lyophilized reagent (Tube 1) includes SPC specific primers and probe.
  • BioGX Precipitor™ Automated DNA/RNA Extraction and Purification System.
    • Complete sample processing and nucleic acid extraction from a variety of sample types.
    • Available in 16 and 32 sample formats.
    • BioGX-Precipitor™ DNA-RNA Extraction System CLICK HERE

To learn more about combining the Cepheid Smartcycler II and BioGX Precipitor™ for Semi-Automated low throughput sample analysis (16-96 samples every 6 hours), CLICK HERE to visit the BioGX Custom Automation Section.

*Not available in the USA for In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) use.

Sample Processing Control (SPC*). An SPC functions in PCR like an Internal Amplification Control (IAC) to mitigate false negative reporting. However, template DNA for the SPC is not included in the reaction mix. The DNA or RNA template is added externally to the sample prior to extraction or processing of the sample. A sample processing control therefore verifies that both the RNA/DNA extraction performed satisfactorily and that significant PCR inhibition is not present.

Internal Amplification Control (IAC*). An IAC (RNA or DNA template) co-amplifies with the target to mitigate false negative reporting due to PCR inhibitory compounds that may be present in the sample. IAC reaction components are included in the PCR mastermix along with IAC DNA or RNA template.

*Not available in the USA for In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) use.